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posted by Mario Lurig

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Do you have a correction or clarification? Did you find a mistake, an error, or something else that shouldn’t be there in the book? Well, go ahead and leave a comment on this page and I’ll probably turn it into a post! Thanks for helping out, and I’m sorry that neither myself nor my reviewers caught the mistake!

  1. John Kerns Said,


    The function index shows array_key_exists: 82. It’s actually on page 79.

  2. Mohamed Said,

    Hi Mario,

    Do you plan to make a similar book about OOP and Advanced PHP? I am a newbie myself, but I would like to know. Thank you so much Mario for your great and valuable book. Please keep up the good work.

  3. Shopping Cart Said,

    I love your book. This is exactly a starter or a beginner needs. I also wanted to know if a hard copy is available?

  4. Mitchell Said,

    You should be proud to have shortest errata on Web!
    Your book has been very helpful, thanks for writing it.

  5. Dmitriy Sidelnikov Said,

    Hi, i think that it’s interesting and useful book about PHP. it contains good examples. And you give us PDF version of this book for free – thanx! Hello to you from russian PHP programmers! =)))) good luck.