8000+ downloads of PHP Book PDF!

Since tracking, over 8000 copies of this PHP book’s free PDF have been downloaded through lulu.com as well as directly through this book blog! This doesn’t include the downloads through other websites who are also hosting the PDF file completely legally.

To date, there have also been 97 revenue generating print copies of the paperback sold and 60 digital Kindle editions sold. The majority of sales are through Amazon.com, generating a lot less income per book than copies sold through lulu.com.

  • Total Revenue (all sources): $501.18
  • Costs to create the book: ~$600
    (computer monitor, ISBN, review copies, office space rent, etc.)
  • Hours spent writing: 175

In other words, with costs included, I’ve lost ~$100 creating the book. If that was not factored in, the hourly wage for creating the book so far would be $2.86/hour (in reality it is $0.00).

With over 8,000 downloads which are and will always remain free in PDF form, a donation of $1 for each download would have changed it to ~$33/hour. Would you consider purchasing a paperback PHP book copy today or donating to my hosting costs when downloading a free PDF of the PHP reference book? Thanks!

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2 thoughts on “8000+ downloads of PHP Book PDF!”

  1. Thanks for the feedback, I’ve considered the pricing/revenue options with CreateSpace as an option in the future for a 2nd edition. I never expect Lulu, Lightning Source, CreateSpace, or AuthorHouse (among others) to do the marketing for the book, that’s my job. However, until recently, the revenue share from Amazon.com is heavily swayed against anyone besides CreateSpace for a competitive price. I had enough leeway because it was a succinct book in a high price market, but novels don’t stand a chance.
    Thanks for the feedback. CreateSpace may be the option for a different book written for charity.

    FYI: The book is on Amazon, from lulu.com publishing options, thus my note that the majority of sales have been through Amazon (Lulu sales garner 246% more author revenue).

  2. Mario, sorry to hear you haven’t quite broke even yet.

    How many pages is the book? You should consider publishing on Createspace.

    Createspace gains you access to Amazon and wider distribution and a better opportunity to make your money back.

    Lulu just doesn’t give you the traffic you need.

    Hope it helps!


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