Do get a list of all found corrections, check out the corrections category.

Do you have a correction or clarification? Did you find a mistake, an error, or something else that shouldn’t be there in the book? Well, go ahead and leave a comment on this page and I’ll probably turn it into a post! Thanks for helping out, and I’m sorry that neither myself nor my reviewers caught the mistake!

5 thoughts on “Corrections”

  1. Hi, i think that it’s interesting and useful book about PHP. it contains good examples. And you give us PDF version of this book for free – thanx! Hello to you from russian PHP programmers! =)))) good luck.

  2. Hi Mario,

    Do you plan to make a similar book about OOP and Advanced PHP? I am a newbie myself, but I would like to know. Thank you so much Mario for your great and valuable book. Please keep up the good work.

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