Check for Common Mistakes in PHP Code

frustrated manA while ago I posted an article on the 10 common PHP errors and mistakes. While this helped decipher some of the cryptic errors you get from PHP when executing your code, it doesn’t help you when the mistakes either are not caught by the PHP compiler ($variable == ‘hello world’; anyone?), or are tricky to track down. Well, I finally got some spare time and decided to build something for that.

It is still a work in progress, but the new PHP Code Checker will not execute your code, simply scan it as a string and run a battery of tests to find these mistakes. It is only a few weeks and less than 10 hours of work in it so far, but it is already at version 0.2 and is ready to help you. There is more coming soon, so keep tabs on the site and I hope it helps you deal with those tough code problems!

Photo courtesy of Zach Klein

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